Great Saturday

Great Saturday

I started my day by took some tent picture. The tent that installed at Parkir Timur Senayan. There was music event which held by Pangudi Luhur. It called PL Fair. Anyway, the tent is business product from my mate (@rivkyr). He supplied all tents and many facilities such as toilet and other stuff. I just happy can support my mates, while did my hobby plus got any fee. Maybe this is what others called Passion.

After from senayan, i did capturing picture again. And this one is business product from my other mate (@achim86). He asked me to create website for his business. And for that, i have to take some picture.

And the final season, i met with my YOT Mates at Kota Kasablanka. As usual, we shared a lot of story there. Just enjoy my day, did my passion and met many of my mates. Thank god 🙂

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