The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Hey buds, i spent this weekend by movie marathon. Not movie, series actually. I’m not the person who really love TV series, but i want to say that i really love one of this TV series. The tittle is THE WALKING DEAD.

I have watched over 10 episodes in this weekend, now i already know until season 3 episode 8. This is the recommended TV series. I will write down the reason why i really love this series.

1. It’s not about 100% drama. The story is about survival from zombie. If you watch it, you will feel horrible, disgusting. It also tell about life: how to survive, how to make some decisions, how to trust to strangers, how to work in team, how to be tough and brave to face the reality, how to be a leader, etc.

2. I don’t know why, but i love the way they visualize this series. I love the tone of colour, i enjoy the way cameraman shot their act, i love to see the make up of zombie (really cool), i like to see the way they kill the zombies, chop their head, shoot their brain, you will feel that they played your adrenalin. Very cool!

3. I always be curious when i watched it. It hard to guess what’s next. I always want to know watch more and more in the end of episode. And i didn’t get the time that i bored to watch this series. Completely love this series.

If you want to try watch TV series, i recommend you to watch the walking dead. You will be addicted.

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