#LoveDonation 2013

#LoveDonation 2013

One year ago, i was committee and this year i just came as “Pendonor Cinta” who donated my blood. That was my first time to donate my blood and thank god finally i knew that my blood type is A not O. My momma just said my blood type is O. I never checked it before love donation. And exactly, i truly knew my blood type. (langsung kepikiran jangan-jangan gue anak pungut) No! My father’s blood type also A as my momma said.

I just want to tell you that blood donation is not pain as you think. I wasn’t really feel the pain. There’s no pain exactly. After blood donation, i was given many meals and drink. I ate noodle, kebab, bread and also drank milk. My stomache was full at that time.

There was happiness after we did blood donation. You should try it. And then i enjoyed the event. Music performance, etc. Anyway, my film ‘Waktu Kunjung Pacar’ also was screened in this event. But the visualization wasn’t clear. Since my film background is dark enough, but the lighting in that venue so bright. So, the film screening wasn’t good as my expectation.

And one of the important points is gathered with my friend. Many story that we shared, many laugher that we did and many pictures that we took. I feel blessed. 🙂

Picture of “Pendonor Cinta”



Imeh and her sister


Some performances
Performance from children who got cancer :”(

And they also sang “Jangan Menyerah” from D’ Masiv

Jamaica cafe for three times perform in Love Donation

Qbill and the gank

Young On Top Campus Ambassador

Crew and cast ‘Waktu Kunjung Pacar’

Colleague RTC

We are happy family m/

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