Finally, We Met Again

Finally, We Met Again

How did you feel if you met your old mates? That’s so undescribable. Last sunday, finally i met with my old mates. They are my bestfriends. We met in Junior High School. I and Bowo often gather since our house is quite close. But, for the others (Toro, Radit, Gugus), i never met them after 2004 maybe.
At 2004, we met in Jumbara (Jumpa Bakti Gembira), sounds like Jambore for Pramuka, but it’s for Red Cross (PMR). We often gathered in PMI Cabang Jakarta Timur, Pondok Kopi. After we studied from school, we gathered there to learn about Family Care. We usually called it PK (Perawatan Keluarga).

Jumbara, 2004

The other old photos

I still didn’t believe that i can met them yesterday. Since i just have their old mobile number. Randomly, i texted them and arranged the meeting. Fortunatelly, Gugus still use that number. Toro already changed his number and text to Radit was accepted by his mom. His number is used by her. Then she gave me Radit’s number.
We gathered in Toro’s home. We started it at 5 pm. Even Radit and Gugus came at past 7 p.m. But it’s okay. We still can spent our night for having conversation until 11 p.m. Actually, Toro’s home is also quite close. It just in Pondok Gede. The last i went to there before yesterday is at 2004 or 2005. I still use mikrolet, and have traffic jam, so the trip to there is too long. But, yesterday I and bowo can’t reach it maybe just in 30 minutes.
Something that i still can’t think about, i just have their old mobile number. We never texting, chatting, or something after 2004 or 2005. Our social media at that time just Friendster, and it already closed. I mean all of our  database is lost, so i can’t use that to contact old mates. Even I don’t know how they look like, what their activities or what their businesses via facebook before I texted them a few days ago.

I was sooooo very happy that can meet with my old bestfriends. One of them already have married. One of them will be married in this June. One of them already work in Surveyor and the other will start his business. So proud of all of them. I don’t know what i have to write. There’s a lot of things. Ya, you can imagine how was the story that we talked after we didn’t meet about 9 years.
We have to gather regularly. Our home is quite close, mates. Do it again. Chatting again. And we have to go to Puncak and feel what we felt in 2004. Talking in outdoor at night. See you at Toro’s wedding party, my mates 😀

Hey mates, look at this!
Jumbara photo Jumbara_zpsd01d4291.gif

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