Viva La Vida : Malam Penuh Bintang

Viva La Vida : Malam Penuh Bintang

It’s kinda late post. Did you watch Viva La Vida?  The celebration on air program for ANTV. I got ticket for enjoy this show while doing reportage. And in this chance i want to show to all of you, awesome pictures that i took. Hope you enjoy 😀

Agnes Monica

Ariel NOAH

Guess! Who?

Bunga Citra Lestari

Special Photos of Agnes Monica

Special Photos of NOAH


Yes, I was too enjoy capturing agnes’s photos. She is too sexy and energetic to capture. Great performance anyway.
What? Simple plan? Keep calm. I’ll update about it in separate post. Just update in my blog, so you can see some Simple Plan pictures. Have a great weekend 😀
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