Complete Saturday

Complete Saturday

Weekend is the perfect time to spend with your girlfriend/boyfriend, family or close mates. This weekend, i spent my time with my closemates. The first one, we attended Teteh’s Wedding Party. Really glad to meet #metal08 big family.

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Anyway, i went there with my partners in crime. Yudha and Debora. We recently, still growing our brand new business, Lumos Production. Teteh’s prewedding photos are some of our products. These are the pictures that displayed in Teteh’s Wedding Party.

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After Teteh’s wedding party, we didn’t directly back to Jakarta. We went to Sentul. Yudha teached me and debo how to drive a car. That was my second time to learn how to drive a car. We also captured some photographs there.

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We felt lil bit hungry and want to continue our trip to restaurant, cafe, warteg, or something like that. Finally, we decided to dine in Strawberry Cafe, Lenteng Agung. That was my first time in Strawberry Cafe. My first impression: “waaaaw, amazing”. I think it would be comfortable. Buuuut…..not exceed than 10 second I sat, some teenagers beside me laughed out of loud at my ear. So annoying. I know that was not their fault, since in strawberry cafe is place for playing game with our friend and laugh freely. But, to be honest, maybe since I am not teen already, I didn’t feel comfortable with the circumstances there. I need cozy place that quite enought to chit-chat with my mates. And we also played one of games there. I was a loser.

Caused by condition that felt us uncomfortable, we decided to move somewhere. And we thought, that Monas would be good destination. Yeah, we spent our night there, and I really happy, since i got many great photographs there. I’ll show to you in the next post.

Aaaaah!! It was great saturday from morning till evening. Thank god. Thank mates 🙂

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