Lumos Production? What’s That?

Lumos Production? What’s That?

It started from a dream and an idea. The real contribution that we can give to the others. We have some passions. Ya, photography, videography, and all about capturing your memories.

I personally feel passionate to capture picture, record some video and the other similar things. I can’t lie to myself that i can’t escape from camera viewfinder. And now, we did real contribution. We build Lumos Production. It started from beginning of this year and i wish it would be one of the top ‘Production House’ in Indonesia or even in worldwide scale. I know, that my dream is too big. But, i’ll chase it. Believe me.

We took some photograph of ourself as our Personal Photo. Enjoy 🙂

Me, Nizar (Photographer + Videographer)

Rahadian Prayudha (Photographer + Editor)

Debora Octavia (Assistant + Marketing Officer)

We started it by small act and small idea, slowly but sure it would be a huge one. If you want to capture your memories. Prewedding, wedding, event documentation, family potrait, product photography, etc. Just contact us. You can see our portfolio at:

See you! 😉

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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