I’m 22 Years Old

I’m 22 Years Old

What will you expect in your birthday? Maybe some of you think about surprise when you wake up, surprise from your girlfriend/boyfriend, surprise from your friends, etc. But, I don’t know why, honestly i didn’t have much expectation for my birthday. I just thought that i am too old to expect many things in my birthday. I thought that birthday is not all about surprise, even birthday wishes always be great “gift”. But, I imply my birthday as time that i have to change my behaviour, my thought more mature. I’m already a man. Not a boy.

My 22nd birthday is fulfilled by my nice office mates who give me and my friend (wildan) who had birthday one day before me. I really feel blessed have care office mates like them 🙂

I know, it kinda wedding cake since there’s ‘&’ icon haha

Me and Wildan

The circumstances at that time

And i really happy even i can’t meet with all of my friend. They gave me birthday wishes via phone, text, social media, etc. Anyway at my birthday, i thought that god gave me gift, a great sunset at that time. I capture it with my note.
HAHAHA indah made this for me

Some of birthday wishes 

Great Sunset as God’s Gift

My wishes in my new age actually just MATURE. Maybe it sounds standard. But, i want to be mature person. Great career, healthy, new partner, happy family. Ya, i just want to be happy. As simple as that 😉

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