Internal Gathering RTC 2013

Internal Gathering RTC 2013

It’s kinda one of my late posts. I just want to take a note that a few weeks ago (June 22th, 2013) I and some RTC colleague went to anyer. It is anual event. Alumnus who came to this event, just us. Ya, just me, zipau, indrawege, sasya, adani & pasti. And we enjoy the beach not really for a long time. I mean, we just went to Anyer at saturday morning, and we back at sunday morning.

I was happy since i took many photographs there and of course, it was uploaded to my instagram.

UI Train Station

Coconut Tree (No Filter)

They don’t want to play with me (model: ian)

Superman (model: ian)

I also record some “Lenong Reality Show”. This video was taken without script, etc. It was spontaneous and made us laugh loudly. I just upload one of five videos. I’ll update if already uploaded all of videos.

Around 4 p.m we spend our time at the beach. When we enjoyed the wave, took photo, created tattoo, etc, suddenly big wave hit all of us. My sandals gone and some of our gadget such as handphone and tablet were broken. Seawater infiltrated to our gadget. After that accident, we took photo at the last time, then back to the villa.

Swimming pool looks so seducing. We swam for a couple of minutes then took a bath, eat corn barbeque and chit-chat. There’s no evaluation or rundown for us as alumnus at that night. So, we just back to our room, watched television and slept.

At sunday morning, aftet breakfast we directly back to our home. Ya, this short trip quite refreshing in the middle of office routinity.

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