Bandung Trip. Alone.

Bandung Trip. Alone.

It’s not story about this weekend. It’s  about the previous one. September, 14th-15th, 2013. I went to Bandung for doing something special for someone special. I don’t want to tell about that specifically. I just want to share my first time experience travel in Bandung, alone. Ya, just me and myself.

I use Baraya Travel to reach Bandung. I reserved at friday night and went to Bandung at Saturday, 12.p.m. Maybe, for all of you who still don’t know yet. Now, price for this travel not IDR 58.000 anymore, but IDR 70.000.  I arrived at Suropati, bandung around 4  p.m. I directly looking for lunch, since i didn’t eat at lunch time 12.p.m. I just enjoy the weather, enjoy the traffic, enjoy the trees, etc. It has been nice weather at the moment.
Is it right?

What my t-shirt says

Namanya juga orang sunda hahaha
Something special happened until around 11 p.m. Actually, i didn’t know where i would sleep at that time. My first planning, i went to one of guest house at Bandung Train Station. I got the cheap guest house there. I didn’t need 5 stars hotel, since i just want to sleep, wake up and go outside and back to Jakarta. And one of my mates in Bandung, suggest me to sleep at his wife’s guest house. Just spend IDR 50.00 i can sleep well. It cause he already booking for he and his friends, but all of his friends canceled it. So he kinda “rent” that room with cheaper price. Anyway, the location of guest house is in front of Parahyangan University. The normal price is IDR 150.000
Guest house appearance

More photos 

Wake up in the morning, enjoy cartoon movie while looking information about interesting place in Bandung, reserved for travel, and so on. I checked out around 10 a.m. And travel around by myself. Initially, i want to go to Dago Atas. But, since i didn’t have enough time (i reserved travel for 12.30 pm). I changed my plan, so i just walked around ITB. Ya, i really walked AROUND. It was so tired. But, quite interesting. Going to the uninversity without knowing what i want to do, and who i want to meet. Ya, so random thing hahaha.

After that, i went to pasteur, took travel bus and back to jakarta. One of nice experience. Travelling around without knowing place where i would go. See you in another post 🙂
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