Polo Shirt Buat Ngantor

Polo Shirt Buat Ngantor

One of the things that makes me comfort in office life is about business attire. Ya, it’s about the way we wear clothes to the office. Fortunatelly, every friday we may wear casual clothes. Usually, i wear batik, or koko (muslim clothes), or semi-formal shirt indeed. But, in that friday, when we want to go to Krakatau, Lampung. I wore polo shirt, so that i started my trip with that comfort polo shirt. And also with my-comfort-high-school-converse. I feel like student again 🙂

 photo gif-polo-01_zps86b20880.gif

Anyway, i got new mug from my mate (Hendra), who came from Kuala Lumpur. The mug show project that we do this year, Ichthys Project. This mug should make me more spirit to do this project. Azek hahaha. It’s not important post. I just do what i love by enjoy what can be enjoyed 😀

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