Have a Great Weekend

Have a Great Weekend

Photography. That’s one of things that I never bored to do. Last weekend, we did prewedding photoshoot. Ya, project of Lumos Production. We did it faster and i think better than previous one. Because, we prepared it more detail. We have imagined the picture that we would take. The sequence of photoshoot. The wardrobe. Ya, all of the detail. And we also use our newest stuff (reflector), to boumce sunlight to face of models. We really enjoy it. Anyway, Lumos has ine of new crew. Her name Tia. Nice to meet you Tia 🙂

After photoshoot, take a rest for a while in my home, then I went to Pandava Coffee, Epiwalk to gather with some of Young On Top Campus Ambassador. It has been long time we didn’t catch up. Maybe more than 1 months (it not really long time, zar hahaha). Ya, i know. But, for catch up for that kind of people, i think it has been long time. Since I always get positive energy, interesting news and story from all of them.

In sunday, I just did DVD Marathon. From now you see me, insidious, before sunset, and the last one is american pie reunion. So various of genre. Finally i have my lazy time in home by just doing what i love such as watch some movies. I really love my life. Thank god 🙂

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