Hai Day 2013

Hai Day 2013

This is the annual event of Hai Magazine. Hai Day “Celebrating Eco-Youth” was held at October 19-20th at Parkir Timur Senayan. This is my second time to go to this event. I mean, i also came for previous year. Just click here if you want to read what circumstances at that time.

Honestly, this year is not as fun as last year. However I went for two days in this year. For the first day, I watched Kahitna. I just feel so damn long not seeing that band. And their performance is too “nanggung”. They just sang for 5 songs. And the emotion not climax at all. I mean, we already feeling the emotion than they closed their performance. There are many songs that they should sing at that time.

And then I enjoyed Payung Tedung in rainy night. I still sing along and really really really enjoyed their performance. Thank you for give us great performance. Then continue to Kunokini. I never heard their song actually. But I know that they play some kinda traditional instrument. I just wonder how cool they are. So, i watched them. And…….. ya. They are pretty cool. I mean super awesome.  created super great first impression for me. At that time the audience just small amount of people. I can take their picture maybe one meter in front of them. And i also dance all night long, then they give me their CD as appreciation. Kunokini is super awesone. I addicted to see their performance again. These are photos of first day.


At second day, i just enjoy Maliq. Raisa, Boyz II Boys and Extra Large. But it just small part. Because the rundown so unorganized at second day. So it’s hard for me to grab the time and going to in front of stage for taking a picture.

For second day, i watched talkshow with Mo Brothers for their upcoming movie “Killers”. And also Mira Lesmana and Prisia Nasution for their upcoming movie “Sokola Rimba”. I really excited waiting their movies being played at my favourite cinema.

Anyway I also took some toy photography in second day. I really really really love it. And here we go 🙂

Another Toy Photography 

What’s your opinion? Do you like it? 😉

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