Quotes from Korean Boss

Quotes from Korean Boss

How to be happy
* Buy flower for yourself
* Go out to see sunset when the weather is good
* Spray the best fragrance around your house
* Take a picture three times a day with a bright smile
* Try to do something that you like
* Do your hobby when you have a time
* Listen to music loud and dance whatever you like
* Give yourself a time at least 10 minute a day
* When you are depressed, find a secret place to make a secret thing
* Make a count of your strength point
* Plan a wonderful trip
* Thinks that tomorrow will be better than today

A way to make your life full
* Instead of using audio timer use music for your alarm
* Drink a cup of water after you raised up
* Do not skip your breakfast
* Imagine joyful thing a lot
* Meet your good friend and chat openly
* Walk steadily
* Be friendly with sunshine and rose
* Talk with yourself inside the mirror
* Give applause and praise yourself

A way to have a new look
* Try to go using different road than your usual
* Think of what is your current dissatisfaction
* Going to bookstore once a week, or at least once a month
* Put the photos of your respected people on your bedside
* Once a week memorize poem one by one
* Think slowly, but quick in action
* Remember yesterday mistake and do not repeat it again
* Finish your job as soon as possible to ensure some spare time
* Write down your dream for 10 years later

A way to be loveable person
* Practice smiling to yourself in front of mirror
* Find words to praise a good thing of someone
* Recognize your own mistake and do your job well
* Back the other up
* Express your thankful heart
* Sometimes close your eyes to a big problem
* Respect yourself, your partner and your children
* Be honest to everyone at every moment
* Do not cultivate laziness to yourself
* No matter how angry you are, do not exceed your limit
* Something that you really want, requires a serious work
* Love your self
* Solve problem gently step by step
* Write a sincere letter to your most important people
* Have a thankful heart to every encountered things

A way to be thankful
* Be thankful / Grateful for your birth
* Be thankful / Grateful for returning home safely
* Be thankful / Grateful for growing up healthy
* Happy has become my habit since the day I met you
* You are a fool, but I am a bigger fool that love you
* This world may change but do not change yourself
* Cannot imagine a world without you
* I guess I have made a lot of good things in my previous life so that I meet you
* The fact that you are by my side, that is even more fortunate
* You are my vitamin, looking at you give me power
* Thank you for watching and waiting me with patient
* I born to this word, the best thing is that you are the chosen one
* I am the word best jewel appraiser and you are that jewel
* I love you and thank you.

A way for developing
* Every week, every month, establish a goal
* Do traveling frequently
* Talk regularly with people from other place
* Read newspaper and magazine
* Let’s save a little to your piggy bank
* Be friend with young people
* At least write single sentence in your diary
* Once again, try to do something that you haven’t been experienced
* When you are starting to do something, don’t forget your original intention
* Reducing watching TV time
* Write a to do list and determine whether

A way to have fun
* Laugh while working
* Say interesting thing
* Do humming
* Work with passion and fun
* Concentrate on your work
* Do your most wanted work
* Do best for your current work now
* Imagine the painful time will end
* Think every moment as a single time
* Love your current work now
* I am the one who greet first
* Be friendly with humorous people
* Keep away from negative people

* Throw away the thing that you don’t like as soon as possible

A way to feel ease
* Reduce the weight in your bag in half

* Use note to remember things not memorizing
* Don’t be afraid to ask
* Don’t owe something
* Handle an important thing
* Life is to admit our imperfection and incompetency
* Treat lightly
* Make sure you finish your once
* Do not listen to other opinion
* Create a wide relationship

How to be calm
* Do not be stressed, just accept it
* For the thing that you need to do, Do it now, do not put it until tomorrow

* When you want to cry, have one cry out loud
* Take a deep breath and hold, then exhale
* Let your mind and body in peace before falling asleep
* Do not afraid of getting hurt
* Let’s say whatever you want
* Do not deny fact that you are living alone
* Recognize it, admit and love it
* Do not take guilty of this appropriate spending for myself
* Let’s not be greedy
* Let’s admit that other people is different with you
* One day you will have time to look it back and smile
* Listen to calming classical music

How to be dignified
* Throw out your fear
* Have a passion
* Analyze and evaluate
* Think independently
* Be happy with reality
* Laugh of loud
* Concentrate on your work
* Be confident on any moment
* Stretch your waist
* Be firm to what you believe
* Go and pursue your ambition
* Identify your ability and ignore your weakness
* Say “NO” for something that you hate
* Do not afraid of being laughed
* Do not take something too seriously

I hope it’s helpful. Share it if you agree 🙂

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