Socmedfest 2013

Socmedfest 2013

It kinda late post. Socmedfest is held October 12-13, 2013. But i just came there at second day. My purpose go to this event was meeting with my mates who open booth there (Khrisna and Sasha), and then i personally curious about this event. As social media person, i thought it worth to come.

At socmedfest, i walked around, seeing booth of communities. From card to post, couchsurfing, mindtalk, thumbstory, etc. I also saw talkshow about Moviegoers. The community that encourage us to watch movie in cinema. One of the big movie community in Jakarta, i think.

Then, i created postcard to stranger hahaha whoever received my postcard, please let me know yah. I just was happy can come to this event, finally. Because i always miss for previous years. These are some photos there.

The crowd

Kinda thriller community

Levitation Photography. “We levitate, not jump”

With Robot

Talkshow moviegoers, etc

Card to post 

Anyway, i also tried to blog about this event via thumbstory. And i got tumblr as the prize. Yeay!! These are some of nice quote from thumbstory

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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