Resolution for 2013 [Reviewed]

Resolution for 2013 [Reviewed]

2013 would coming up. Time to write down Resolution for that year.

Have a great performance as Engineer in DSME
(Parameter: salary would increase or got promotion or in-charge in many projects)
(I think the best parameter is PMS ‘Performance Management System’ from HR. And it says that I am the good one. Not outstanding. I think, i still didn’t chase this resolution. I have to improve it in next year to be the outstanding one)

Have a sidejob/projects/business
(It’s beside engineering side. It’s about my passion)
(Yeaaaah!!! I did it. I build my own business with Yudha. It called Lumos Production. It almost one year and I think we got many projects even for first year. Thank god)

Get involved in Film Production that more professional than last year.
(Example: Create film, tv show, tvc in television or created short movie or omnibus project to be screened in big theater, or involved to produce film with professional/famous filmmaker)
(I involved in Omnibus Project with some UI filmmakers. Even it still not shooting yet, but we have done for  pre-production. I hope in 2014 this project can be finished)

Active in arabic event
(Such as “pengajian” or about youth movement)
(I and some of FPGM committee held leadership training for the new batch. I think that’s the good ine for regeneration)

Have a good financial planning
(Make a note for  income and expenditure every day. And can save much money for long term needed or investation)
(In 2013 i documented my financial detaily. I wish it run for all the time)

Doing sport regularly
(Fitness, swimming, futsal, jogging, skipping or whatever)
(I did futsal regularly, but it start from november or desember. I think, i still didn’t chase it. I have to doing sport at lease once in two weeks for 2014)

Okay, i chased 4 of 6 my resolution. And 2 of failed resolution is not exactly failed, i mean i almost chase it, but still not chase the parameter. It’s okay. Just improve in 2014. Thank you 2013. I love you.

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