What Happened in 2013

What Happened in 2013

Hah. 2013 has passed. Let’s review what happened in this year. If i have to describe this one in one word, i will say “Foundation”. I mean 2013 is the first year of my real world  after I graduated from university. And now, i want to write it down one by one.

* Work in PT. DSME Indonesia as Piping Engineer.
* Develop my own business. It called Lumos Production.
* I often go to the cinema for watching Indonesian Film and review it in Nizarland. I love that one. Enjoying Indonesian Film just by myself, since just few of people who love Indonesian Film. Go go Indonesian filmmaker!!! I watch your film.
* Join Balada Kopaja competition. It seems like amazing race that held by Abang None Jakpus. The story is here.
* Finally I met with some of my bestfriend in Junior High School after nine years we never meet up. Click here to read
* Meet with simple plan with distance just about 2 meters. And really enjoy their performance and i got many photograph of the performers. Click here to read.
* Found my life philosophy, like a biscuit. Click here to read.
* I and FPGM Committee held Leadership Training for regeneration. Click here for first session and here for second session.
* First time as host for travellers via couchsurfing. Click here to read.
* I went to Krakatau with my office mates. That one the best trip for this year (Yeah, i just trip there for this year hahaha). Click here to read.
* I found my lovely queen. Nora Nisrina.
* Finally, i went to Socmedfest. Click here to read.
* I have new social media. Path, often upload my favourite photograph to Instagram and upload daily video to Vine.
* I went to Yahoo OMG Awards. Got some photograph of artist and they like it. And also got the voice note from Raisa. Aaaaak :”). Click here to read.
* Sharing to elementary school student how to be Director and how fun it is :D. Click here to read.
* I went to Kineforum Misbar. One of unforgetabble film screening. Click here to read.
* Wrote script for COD Film Project then had a casting.
* Create film with my office mates and it won as 1st and 3 winner of short movie competition. Click here to read.

Ya, in 2013 I did less business than 2012 quantitatively. Maybe, since 2012 I still student, so i have more time to do anything. But, i am the professional worker nowadays who have to come to office at weekdays. So, ya I didn’t do much things beside my job.

Anyway, the major of what happened in 2013 are my job as Piping Engineer and my business, Lumos Production. Can i write more story about both of them?

Review as Piping Engineer 
Hmmm….Piping Engineer. Actually, I didn’t have expectation what will I do after graduation. Will am I as engineer? What kind of engineer? Do I have to work in remote area or something like that? After graduation, I just send my CV to some of company that my college mates share to me about the vacancy. And, coincidentally I accepted in PT. DSME Indonesia.

Until now, i still blessed to work in here. Maybe the first reason is as the first matter that people think about the job. That is salary. I think the salary is quite enough with my capability that still need much improvisation. Ya, I know that is not as much as the people who work in service company or owner of oil and gas or work in remote area. But, with all of the work environment, I think, i have to learn how to be blessed in this situation.

The second one is the facility. I mean like the building, the cubicle, the toilet. I feel in really professional Job. Some of my mates that see my photograph in office. They said, “it looks like in another country”.

The third one is the location that really near from my house. I can wake up at 6.30 and go to the office at 7.15 and start working at 8.00 while some of my mates who live far from office have to wake up around 5 a.m. Ya, i think that one of matter that i have to be blessed.

The fourt is about my bosses. While some of people have boss who angry at you with louldy voice and doing it in public. But, my bosses are the nice one. They are nice and humble if I asked something and if I did wrong, they “angry”, no, no, not angry, they just let me know but really strongly. So that, i know if i did some mistakes.

And last but not least are office mates. They are come from reputable university which has high intellegency. They are nice, fun and very youthful. That is the biggest reason that I feel dynamic in my work environment. It since my office mates.

Review Lumos Production 
For lumos production, as I remember I ever have a dream that someday i will develop my own production house. I imagine that this production house is the productive one that create movie, photography, etc. But, i never has a plan to build the production house in this year. It started from my cousin that asked me to took photograph of his and his classmates for year book. So, I ask my mate (Yudha) to join that photoshoot. Then one of my college mates ask me to took their prewedding photoshoot and it go on in several times.

Afterward, i discussed with Yudha and we decide to build Lumos Production. We don’t have such as business plan and other thing like that. But for this 1st year we already have 12 projects. I think that was unexpected. Such as after I finished one project then friends of me or yudha ask me to capture their humemories. Ya, i really happy to build this business. I hope this production house will be the huge one. Amiiiin 🙂

YEAAAAY!!! If i review what i wrote in 2013. I wish that I can work as engineer while can have another sidejob/project/businesses. And it comes true. Thank god 🙂
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