Small Farewell Party for Mr. Lee

Small Farewell Party for Mr. Lee

It had been small farewell party before lunch time. Mr. G.Y.Lee, our first Piping Group Leader was going to Korea in this week. His homecoming news was so surprise us. Afterward, we prepared some gifts and rundown for that occasion.

In the morning, Mr. Lee wasn’t in office as usual. I don’t know what the reason. We have prepared all of things for him. Then one hour before we started, he was coming to the office. Me and Mr. Roy was ask by Mr. Mumu to conduct this occasion. When Mr. Lee came to the room, then we give him standing applause. And invite him to seat in the front row. Then our prepared video was shown to the audience.

When the video was playing, I saw the expression of Mr. Lee. His eyes was so glisten. I personally happy saw his expression. I felt that we succeeded to touch his heart, the flat guy who I never imagine how the way they cry haha. But, he just like wipe his eyes gently. Not crying like in the serial drama hahaha.

Then, we also gave him special gift that is caricature that really similar with him. We closed this event by lunch together. “That was the greatest farewell party ever”, said Mr. Cha, our CTO. Thank you so much Mr. Lee for one year and 3 months. We hope all of the best things come into you 🙂

Mr. Lee, who wear blue sweater

Some of Photos 

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