[Short Movie] AROGANSI

[Short Movie] AROGANSI

It’s been a long time, i do not post anything. A few weeks ago, I was being busy by film project. Actually, I already one film project with Sinematografi UI. But, I have to produce another one since I joined Kinescope Short Movie Project. At the beginning of March, there was workshop from kinescope. Kinescope is free magazine about film, art and education. In that workshop, we were separated into classes. Directing class, editing class, scriptwritting class and camera class.

In the end of this workshop, we were being united into some groups who have final project to produce short movie. So, I met with new mates from editing class, scriptwritting class and camera class. We had one month to produce this short movie. But, honestly, in the beginning, we waste much time. I mean, some of us not really concern about this project, ya including me. Because I still concern with my project with Sinematografi UI. It wasn’t entirely not concern. We spend much time for brainstorming and found the idea about what our film would be. And finally, about 2 weeks to deadline, we dealt about our story then prepared for production.

That was tight day. Initially, I expected can finish shooting by one day. But the fact, we spend two days. First day spend 6 hours and second day spend about 15 hours. I learnt much thing from this production and I also got the feedback from some of my mates who watched this movie. I hope all of you can also watch this, give me comment, it’s okay if its negative comment instead. And wish me luck for the final announcement.
Change the quality setting to 360p to get clear view

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