Indovidgram Instameet

Indovidgram Instameet

A couple days ago, I recognized from Instagram that this Sunday would be 1st gathering of Indovidgram Community. For your information, Indovidgram is community who encourage people to produce video through Instagram. The maximum length of this video is 15 second, so that it should be simple. However, I still never produce video through Instagram. I promise to challenge my creativity by produce that kind of video.

I registered in Thursday, but i didn’t get email confirmation at all. Afterwards, I contacted Aulion via LINE. Actually, I never met Aulion since today, I just contacted through social media before. But, when I checked my LINE, there’s contact of him so that I texted him ASAP. Then he said to come even not get the email confirmation yet.

Today, I learned a lot from them. Most of them comedian and so funny. Some of Indovidgram member shared how to produce the video. Not only share about the idea of videomaking but also technical issue. We separated into several groups to produce video, at least one video. But my group succeeded to create two videos. This video should be uploaded to Indovidgram Instagram account.

I met with many people. I have chit-chat to Bena and also his girlfriend Vendryana who friend of my office mate. Same case with Aulion, I also just contact to Bena through social media before and today finally we had meet up. Oh ya, honestly I was surprised by Duo Harbatah. They are the first account that I knew who descendant of arab and create creative videos regularly through Youtube and Instagram. And that’s funny and prominent.

I wish this gathering should be conducted regularly, the member more productive to create video (note to myself), later we are being solid community. If you want to know what kind of videos that Indovidgram create, just follow Instagram @Indovidgram. Be ready to laugh and inspired 🙂




Duo Harbatah

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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