Lesson from Short Movie Production (AROGANSI)

Lesson from Short Movie Production (AROGANSI)

The latest post before this one, I posted about short movie project competition in here. This project has been over. I personally feel blessed as part of this project. I want to say great thanks to my humble and knowledgeable mentor, mas Angga Dwimas Sasongko. He shared us a lot about mindset as director, technical issues and absolutely told about his experience.

I got much lesson for myself personally. I will write down the details:
  1. Director should share his/her vision to crews and cast. Explain and describe the reason why we have to do this treatment, why the cast have to act like somebody, why the camera have to be located in that position.
  2. Director is longtime commitment. I think it’s hard to be director in two, three or more films in one time. Even the first film in break time, we still have mindset/style of first film. Eventually it affects the second film which not totally produced.
  3. Keep  the ideas of everyone as much as we can. Execute that we think relevant to our vision. Explain wisely to others if the ideas not relevant.
  4. Scheduling as detail as you can. Prepare anything for shooting day. Equipment, battery,  property, etc
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask our cast to re-take if we still not sure about the shot.
  6. Pepare enough time for editing. And we should do preview first in another day with full crew and cast. If the vision doesn’t catch in that movie, just re-edit or even should do re-take
  7. And the last but not least, I have been learnt by character in this film, Wisnu Suryatama. Whatever we achieved, do the best for our goal and don’t be arrogant.
Full crew and two cast at Awarding Night
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