Vacation to Tunda Island

Vacation to Tunda Island

Who is not interested to beach? I am so definetely excited when my mates ask me to do vacation in beach. A couple weeks ago, we spent our weekend in Tunda Island, Serang. Actually, I never browse what it’s look like before I go there. I didn’t have expectation, I just think about island where I have visited such as Tidung Island, Sebesi Island (Krakatau, Lampung). In contrast, the island is the worst Island I never visited. I planned to created any music video as well as in Tidung, Krakatau or Belitung. Yet, I didn’t passionate to record some clips, since the scenery wasn’t surprising me and the travel organizer also didn’t give us the wonderful experience.

However, the friends change mood and situation, they made this vacation quite exciting. See the pictures below.

Portrait of us 
Feel so SWAG

I am The Player
The beautiful scenery 

I look like Nigerian use stunning colour top and glasses :”D

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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