23rd Birthday of Mine

23rd Birthday of Mine

23 years old? Aaaak… honestly I’m not ready to realize that I am as old as now. 23 is not a little number as an age. I instrospect myself day by day, especially in my birthday. Ya, as I wrote in my last year post about 22nd birthday, I am too old to expect many sweet things in my birthday.

This year, I’ve been celebrated by my office mates one day before my birthday. In the office, there are monthly birthday celebration. All of piping engineer who has birthday in June for example, they will be celebrated in the end of June. Since, in June 27th, there are workshop (seems like project seminar or big meeting), so we were celebrated in June 26th. Ya because June 26th isn’t my birthday yet, so I felt just being celebrated formally hahaha

I, Akbar & Edrick were celebrated in one same day

In June 27th, some of my close office mates greeted me and got me birthday wishes. I just being blessed having nice office mates like them. Beside the office mates, some of my fellas from RTC UI FM, Young On Top, Sinematografi UI, metalurgi 2008 and other friend also got me birthday wishes through social media or mesengger such as LINE or WhatsApp.

Little wish, ya, my pose is fake hahaha

But personally, I want to celebrated my birthday just by myself, in the middle of nowhere, instrospect what I’ve done and what should I do to face the real world as a wise person. My wish of the year is living in another country just by myself, being more independent, got a job or scholarship, see the world in different perspective, feel new atmosphere, new colour, new culture. Ya, I wish it will be come true.

Birthday Gifts
Yeay, finally i have running shoes. This is from my sister, Dira.

Inspiring book from my cubicle mate, Fidllan

Tote bag from Sasha, Khrisna, Tata and Mario

P.s: thank you so much guys for the wishes and gifts 🙂

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