Eid Days 1425 H

Eid Days 1425 H

What did you do in Eid day? In the first day, I did Eid pray then was going around my neighbor to apologize while handshake as usual. Then some of my family came to my home. Otherwise, I also came to my other family’s houses. I love Eid day. The day when we apologize each other. The day which full of smile and happiness.

Anyway I made this special Eid Card for my special relatives.

Photos in the 1st day can be seen here 
Feels like Eid Pray in Kuwait

Some of my family

Gicung, mt’10

One my cute cousin 😀
The second day, I went to Purwakarta. Eventually, I did “mudik” as same as my other friends hahaha. Normally, I was just going around the town. Ya, in some years we went to Purwakarta. But, last year we skipped it.

We used public transportation to reach there. Catched busway to Kampung Rambutan, then sat in the bus until Purwakarta. Even, the trip was not really long, about 2-3 hours. But, it was so delighted. I capture some pictures and share to my instagram. And here these are:

The pictures in Purwakarta can be seen in this box

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Third day still special for me. It was caused by my college mates #metal08, came to my house to enjoy the lunch while were doing Eid tradition. Thus, #metal08 and I continued the city tour to other friend’s house. After my house, we visited Vanny’s house then continued to Allam’s staff house as the final destination.

I just feel glad, we can share some stories and laughed each other. This Eid year was wonderful for me. Thanks god 🙂

Metal’08 in my house

Photo compilation

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