Accompany Bulgarian around Jakarta

Accompany Bulgarian around Jakarta

Have you ever read my blogpost about being a host for polish woman? If you haven’t, just read it here. A week ago, I accompanied young student from Bulgaria. Her name is Petia. Actually, I am bit surprised when I got couchrequest from Petia. Because that was my first time being requested. For my first experience as couchsurfing host, I just was asked by my friend to accompany her guest from Polandia. The polish woman didn’t contact me directly via couchsurfing.

I made appointment in my office tower after office hour. Petia said she stayed in Pejaten. So, I gave her detail direction and information to reach my office. When we were going to Bundaran HI, she said she were from Monas. If I had known it before, I’ll tell her just stay in Monas or directly meet up around Bundaran HI.

She is 3rd year student who take Book Publishing as her major and also part time as publisher. So relevant. She shared me a lot about Bulgaria. She said that Bulgaria is the lowest economic country in europe union. In other side of economic, it has beautiful scenery. Petia loves to hike and do adventure activities. I slightly surprised when she said a bit about Indonesia history. She knows it since she is also Journalist.

The most interesting point of her is photography. She was using analogue camera with raw film when we did photohunt. And she also taught me how to operate it. Maybe some of you think, it is easy just press shutter button. In fact, it’s not easy as we think. It is analogue professional camera. So, I need to adjust diafragma and focus. That was my first time using that kind of camera.

After capturing bundaran HI from busway shelter

From Bundaran HI we walked to Sabang for having dinner. I ate sate, while she just continue her story. She didn’t eat. She said she already have dinner and her stomach is full. After having dinner, we backed to Bundaran HI and continue to Skye where located in the top of Menara BCA. She said, she wants experience from skyscrapper and taking pictures from the top of town. Because there is no high building in Bulgaria. Maybe there is, but it’s not as high as that in Jakarta.

When we were waiting elevator, Petia asked “do we need to dress up?”. We just dress casually. I wore casual shirt, jeans, shoes, bag and tripod. While Petia just using simple trousers and casual t-shirt and her flat shoes. When we were in 56th floor Menara BCA, the waitress ask us to dinner area. When I see the dinner area, it just close zone. I mean there is no area where we can take a picture of Jakarta from this building. If we want to do that, we must go tou lounge. But unfortunatelly it has dresscode for whoever want to go there and enjoy the circumstance. Since we are not really well dress, then we finish our night.

I took her first to her boarding house and finally backed to home. It always be interesting getting know new people and sharing our different culture. I hope there are more couchsurfer who request to me. As long as I available, I would host you around jakarta. Just let me know.

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