1st Drink Entrepreneur Jakarta

1st Drink Entrepreneur Jakarta

Making friends never been boring. Last Thursday, there was Drink Entrepreneur in YEYO, Senopati. I know this event from my friend. He recommended me to join this event since there would be many entrepeneurs and investors. Honestly, I never heard about Drink Entrepreneur before that time. Drink Entrepreneur is monthly meeting which held to gather entrepreneur and we can have casual conversation while drinking. We can absolutely discuss about our startup or personal matter.

I had many new connection there. Managing director of mobile apps startup, professional chef, owner of sneakers startup, photographer, account executive in advertising agency, entrepreneur in tile industry and many more. Moreover, the people are not only Indonesian, but from several countries such as German, Denmark, United States, etc. I can’t write detail about story of each person since it would be too long. We shared our name card, and I wish I can keep contact with them, even just several with them. And I can’t wait the next gathering. One of organizers said, the next will be conducted in January 2015. So, stay tuned 🙂

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