iLearn TOEFL IBT @america

iLearn TOEFL IBT @america

I attended class series from @america which is #iLearnTOEFLIBT. Since I’m planning pursue master degree in US, so I’m preparing that kind of test. It’s not short preparation, we need to invest our time, money and focus to get the higher score. I’ll give you several important points from Samar Aal who conducted this class.

Samar reminded us again and again to take notes. Whether in reading section, listening, speaking, and writting, we need to take notes. In reading section, we can note the number which we’re not sure about the answer. Then, we can easily back to that number without checking one by one from beginning. We literally need to take notes in other sections.

She said even though American, they need to take notes. The test runs for 4 hours, that’s quite long period. We can’t remember the many things without taking notes because that is too much.

We must not write the detail, using abbreviation, symbol, etc. It’s impossible to write all of things. Just write the main idea and important information.

TOEFL is English Test
Most of us feel so hard when the reading section comes about geographic, physic or other difficult subjects. We don’t need to have any specific background to answer those questions. Because all of information are given either stated or implied.

Don’t Drink Too Much
The test runs for 4 hours and divide as two. First, reading and listening then we have break 10 minutes. Second, speaking and writting. Samar gave advice don’t drink too much before the exam. You should have good rest and well-eat, but not about drinking much water.

English Roots
Googling that one. When we know many roots, we can easily answer the questions. For instance, photosynthesis. When we know photo means light, we can easily know what photosynthesis is. She said, google it, read it, learn it and you’ll be improved.

I can extract the material to be full written here. I embed the recorded version from the 1st day until 3rd day. She told us abundant of information and knowledge. Spare your 2 hours/day to watch 1 videos. That’s worth it. Last, you can also download the ppt file here. It’s very helpful.
1st Day
2nd Day 
3rd Day
“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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