Last Days

Last Days

That was my first time facing farewell individually. I mean in school and university, some of us separated in the same time. In working life, you can’t waiting your friend to quit from your job. I know it’s kinda hard decision. However, the life must go on. I need to go to another episode of my life.

As I remember, the first time I got real surprise is when I was 20 years old, birthday surprise party, you can read here. In this office, when people have birthday, we celebrate together. It’s kinda surprise. However, it wasn’t really surprise me, because you know it’s your birthday and the office mates will celebrate your day, it does regularly.

In my 2 years office life, we usually give surprise to the people who will resign by recording wishes video or give gift such as shirt, wallet, bag, watch, etc. I just shocked, in December 30th, when I was going to my cubicle, I saw creative craft birthday surprise hanging at my cubicle. I was speechless. I can say nothing. I guess, that was the most creative farewell surprise I’ve ever seen, personally. One of my friend said “we can’t give you video because no one can create as great as you”. Honestly, if you gave me video, the thing already in my mind. Nevertheless, the farewell surprise that you guys created was very mindblowing. That was super awesome. I think, all of you can see how sweet my close office mates are.

The stuff. What a remarkable surprise.

Some of them looked dissatisfied with my expression. They don’t know that I still can’t understand, how come all of you got that ideas. Brilliant. When I read all wishes, I tried to control myself. I will remember all of those wishes and hopefully the wishes from great friends will be the great one for me.

These wishes 



These gifts 
Blankon from Mba Ika

Mas Alief gave me his coverall. “Just in case someday you need it”, he said

Coin Banker from Rizka, Dinda, Santi. I wish I could go to US

From Chicha, “B for Bajri”, she said

From Najma & Indika

We had small farewell party in Jupiter meeting room. I wanna say thanks for people who take their time there even the party was going late. These are the pictures.

My last day was exactly at December 31st. We also had DSME End Year Party at that day. The day when the bosses explained what we’ve done and what we will do. The day when appreciation gives to deserved people. The day when we had lunch together, whole coworkers. I was happy contributing our short movie entitled by I AM as the 1st Runner Up. Moreover, my startup, Lumos Production also as the vendor to capture their happiness in photobooth stage. Even tough, some of unfair treatment from management side dissapointed me, I tried to look the other side, which is the happy side. There always been something we can gratitude for.

Thank god for these amazing two years. Please keep all good memories in our own mind. I wish the great wishes for my close friends who really nice and stunned my days 🙂

The bosses

with our SPS specialist hahaha

M08A all stars

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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