Puncak Trip

Puncak Trip

It was hilarious family holiday to end the last year. As I remember, the last time I visited that Villa is when I was in 1st year in university. Ya, around 5-6 years ago.  I was happy because many members can join this holiday. Just Misel who didn’t join. I will share to you stories consecutively.

We drove from our house around 2 p.m and arrive in Puncak around 4 p.m. Ya, it was quite high traffic and raining. I just remember the time when we want to pray ashar, we moved down the window and straightened our  feet outside the car to wash with rainwater. Personally, I almost threw up since we didn’t have a lunch and the road is up and down. In the first night, we just had dinner and played together with cousins, nieces and nephews. Oh ya in the late night, some of us visited Kamannana. That was the first time for me trying Teh Adni. It kinda tea with kapolaga and some arabian flavour. I really loved it.

In the saturday afternoon we headed to Taman Matahari. The place is close with our villa. I rode the horse together with usman, entered ghost house, paddled the boat, and ate some snack while karaoke. The food price is quite cheap. And  for the horse, we just paid for IDR 20.000. Ghost house IDR 15.000 and for boat IDR 30.000 for one boat. We can sit there for 5-10 person.

After having some fun in Taman Matahari, we swam together. I really remember three of Fahda’s children was crying when I trained them while Navis just stay cool with his unique swimsuit.





In the sunday, we planned to have some snack in Nicole Kitchen. My sister urged us to go there after getting recommendation from her friend. Because we just have 1 car, then we rent “Angkot” to go there. When we were going to the restaurant, unfortunately the way to there has been closed. The road just for going down, we cannot go to the upside. Therefore, the driver used small way. We also need to wait around 2 hours to Nicole Kitchen. So, we spend our time by eating roasted corn and survey to the most famous hotel, I forget the name. And these are the pictures.

“Angkot” mania

Akila was ready to Nicole Kitchen

And this is Nicole Kitchen

I should back to Jakarta as soon as possible, because in monday I need to work. In fact, we arrived in Villa around 9 p.m and Ka Anita, my aunty who will drive the car suggested to back after shubuh. Honestly, I was worry coming late to the office. Otherwise I got home around 6.30 a.m even departed from Puncak around 5 a.m. Oh ya, in the last night, 1 a.m we went to WarPat. It stands for Warung Patra. It is the famous place to enjoy hot coffee or roasted bread. The place was super cool! I used my jacket, but still was chillin. Then Usman used my jacket, because firstly he just used bed suit. Aaaaah!!! This holiday is very completing the year. Thank god for giving me this big family 🙂

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