Resolution 2014 [Reviewed]

Resolution 2014 [Reviewed]

Have outstanding working capability in office
(Based on unfair Performance Management System, I was not the outstanding one, even not the good one)

Project value of Lumos Production reach IDR. 100millions
(I didn’t define exact milestone to achieve this, I should well-planned for this in 2015)
Have personal income more than ******** per month
(A few months yes, other months no)

Can play a guitar
(I didn’t even try to touch a guitar)

Understand korean language
(I put hangul in my office cubicle, but wasn’t practice it well)

Print out postcard once a month
(I just  printed two times)

COD Omnibus Project should be finished
(Even for my film as the first one still not finished yet until now)

Push up regularly every morning
(It was just for several days)

Poor of me, none of my goals was achieved. I didn’t focus and review these goals regularly. Just doing what I need to do. I need to improve in 2015. Planning the feasible goals and review it regularly to achieve those goals.

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