[Short Movie] I AM

[Short Movie] I AM

There was Short Movie Competition in my previous company. As you can read in this post, I won for 1st winner and 3rd winner in last year (2013). Actually, it just because 3 participants who submitted their movies. Two of them is me hehehe. When the competition info was published, many office mates asked me to join this competition. Some of them just over expected that I will be the winner. Moreover at the first, HR forbade me to join this competition without make sense reason. Eventually I got the idea and tried to produce short movie.

I recruited members to small team. I asked Shaka as Cast, Mba Leon as Make Up Artist who will makeover Shaka looked older, and Mas Ageng as Production Designer/ Production Assistant who prepared properties and assisted me regarding technical issues. The script was developed just for one night, then we execute it for two days. We tried to complete it just one day. However, missing some shots caused us to spend more time in another day.

Make Over

The result

The crew

Honestly, I pleased to contribute in this competition. It wasn’t about the prize or the pride. I counted it as my last movie/art in that company. Since the day that movie was played is my last day. I really sorry for all of lack in this film. Please kindly watch the movie and let me know your feedback through comment below. I really appreciate it. Many thanks 🙂

We nailed it m/

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