Monthly Archives: April 2015

I am a Photography Student

After resigning from engineering company, I dedicated this year for learning about photography and videography focusly. Yes, I’m running photography and videography business. I always think the way to enhance my ability in those areas. I guess, we just have three options. The first one, taking formal/informal degree. Second, join photography or videography community. Third, […]

Pameran Lab Laba-Laba: Pameran Jadul yang Menyenangkan

Going to the mall, city park, or theather is mainstream. I want to recommend you to go to Pameran Lab Laba-Laba which located in Perum Perfilman Negara (PFN), Otista, Jakarta Timur. There is art exhibition regarding old archives. You should go there, there are interesting films, videos and installations. The exhibition is open until April […]

Open Submission: UI Film Festival 2015

Do you remember 1st UI Film Festival? If you don’t, click here. This year, Sinematografi UI executes this festival. Currently, short film submission is opened. You can click here for the requirement or here to submit your film. This is big chance for you, brilliant young filmaker to get decent exposure and let the audience […]

Sponsorship from Lumos Production

Lumos Production supported Festival Dwiwarna 2015. We gave free basic photography workshop, as short movie judge and also provide photobooth in the final day. Personally I like the school. Despite the far distance from my house, Dwiwarna feels so homey. I felt back to teen again at that time hahaha. Anyway the event run sucessfully. […]

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