Balada Kopaja 2015 – Teaser Video

Balada Kopaja 2015 – Teaser Video

In mid of march, Risca asked me to help her producing teaser video for Abang None, Balada Kopada especially. She was head of publication and the project officer mandated her to use video as one of publication material. As I remember, Risca asked me for having 1st meeting in the monday, she explained what is the concept, then she sent me draft at that night. I reconstructed draft to be well-written script then think the visual detail and put it in shotlist.

In the wednesday, we did shooting. Thursday edited video and Friday published the video. It was short and fun. For production day. we started shooting after lunch and finished around 5 p.m. I was very glad and happy for this collaboration. Thank you Risca for trusting me and Akbar, Satrio as cast in that video. I know it was obsolate, because the event already happened in the end of march. I just post it as my memory.

just let me know if you have constructive feedback 🙂
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