K Organizer First Project

K Organizer First Project

Doing what we love is extremely pleasure. Thank god, He gives me a lot of chances to do what I passionate about. Beside Lumos Production, I’m running professional Event Organizer. It called K Organizer. It consists of Me, Dinda and Dera who have experience organizing event together in RTC UI FM for two years. We don’t need to start everything from zero, because we already closely knew each other. We knew working style, strength and weakness of each person.

In the end of March, there was Ayesha Birthday Party. Ayesha is Dinda’s Niece. She is the most hipster girl I’ve ever known. She can sing Cold Play, Meghain Trainor, etc. On the D-Day, the house is very crowded. Full of family relatives and bestfriends of Ayesha’s parents. I was so delightful having this birthday party as our first project. Hillarious! 🙂

Dinda, Dera and Me. Yeah, I am like a Giant there.

If you need team to organize your event, wedding, birthday party, travelling, music concert, or whatever, just drop your mail to [email protected] Do not forget to follow our instagram @korganizer. Many thanks 🙂

P.s: All photographs were captured by Lumos Production.

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