Sponsorship from Lumos Production

Sponsorship from Lumos Production

Lumos Production supported Festival Dwiwarna 2015. We gave free basic photography workshop, as short movie judge and also provide photobooth in the final day. Personally I like the school. Despite the far distance from my house, Dwiwarna feels so homey. I felt back to teen again at that time hahaha. Anyway the event run sucessfully. Congratulation for all committees.

These are some snapshots:
Photography Workshop 

Short Movie Judgement 

With the winner
Our photobooth 

Yeay!!!!  Lumos crew!!!
Oh ya, and finally I did stage photoshoot again after quite long time hehe. There were RAN, Superglad and Changcuters. My favourite is Changcuters, beside that was my first time watching them, they also have greate stage act, very attractive.

And these are the photographs:

Last, I want to let you know. If you have such as creative and fun event, just send your proposal to [email protected] If your event is interesting, we can give you sponsorship. Thanks 🙂

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