Photo Printing by Myself

Photo Printing by Myself

As I wrote in previous posts, I’m taking photography school in Kelas Pagi Jakarta. It is community based actually, but the curriculum is like a school. There are task, remedial, exhibition, mentorship program, etc. This week, we did saltprint. Saltprint is one of methods to print out our photograph on paper, canvas, wood and other media.

I love this task actually though I got trouble doing that stuff. The steps are very scientific. I met (again) with chemical powder, saline solution, etc. If you want to know detail how to do salt print, just watch video below.
Do you wonder how saltprint image looks like? Do you want to see my experiments? Actually, headmaster told us that there will be exhibition for this saltprint labolatory. However, I still doubt the detail when it will be held. Therefore, I can’t hold my excitement to show to all of you guys my images. Eventhough I tried three times, I think there is no perfect image. I didn’t capture the first one, it was very awful. The second one is better than the first. Then the third is the best (comparing the others) haha.

Preparation pictures 
Tools and ingredients

Dark room

Second image

Third image

Images of my friends in Kelas Pagi are very amazing. Most of them are more awesome than mine. So, even you’ve seen my images, you must visit our exhibition. I’ll update soon through this blog.

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