As Indian Golfer’s Guide

As Indian Golfer’s Guide

I got the information through broadcast message in one of LINE groups. I applied for the job because it just for a few days and the event was held by travel. I just imagine that I would being travelled somewhere.

I got interview and the interviewer ask “are you oke with night entertainment?”. When he asked that, I just imagined that I need to accompany guests to nightclub or whatever. That’s fine. I’ll just be sit and whatever they want to do, they’ll be their business.

I accepted and actually it was golf tournament. The event was held in Jakarta for a week. The participant came from India. I had 4 guest which I need to care about. We had training before the event. The travel officer explained us about golf technical things, term and conditions, etc. They also explained to us entertainment around Jakarta. You know what’s entertainment means? Massage++. Ya, that one.

When the first day was running. Some of my friends had guests who asked 5 “girls” to come to room. Another one, there was my friend who enter Alexis until late night. I was in the middle of confusion. I mean, in one side, I never go to that place, so I’ll feel awkward when my guests will ask me many things. And the other point that I was wondering how the place should be. However, thank god, in 5 days I guided them, I never go to that kind of place.

I’m happy having these new friends 🙂

I went to three golf clubs, take care about technical and personal inquiries. I also captured their photographs while we’re there. I also tried to take golf car, I don’t know the name. I was treated by Chinese + Indian food. That’s new one for me, but it’s good.

In short, that was tiring experience but I got much knowledge about golf, getting new guide friends and now I have more Indian friends. See you when I see you, sir 🙂

My guests. But the first on the left should be the other person.

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