As Video Editor Sandy Sandhoro

As Video Editor Sandy Sandhoro

One day, I was being asked by my boss, music video director to edit video lyric. He just said “do you want small and fast project? just edit this one”. I edited Sandy Sandhoro Video Lyric. The lyric 95% uses Deutsch. I’m happy because my experience and knowledge in Goethe Institute was useful. Though, I also can translate it via google.

Anyway that was my first time using Final Cut Pro. When my boss asked me, I just stay calm and being confident that I can do that. Ya because, I use sony vegas pro and adobe premiere. As I know the basic is quite same. When I don’t know something I just search “how to” in Youtube. And it’s solved

It seems to be easy. But the obstacle is typography and some details in lyric. I missed the lyric for several times. Thank god, the client is Sandy Sandhoro. And one of my Kelas Pagi mates (Dzia) works there. So, I communicated with him through WhatsApp and LINE.
FYI, I finished this video around 3 a.m and 6.30 a.m I need to do Eid Adha pray. That project quite forced me. However, I feel satisfied, because unconsciously I contributed to Indonesian music industry 🙂

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