Being Mocked in Food Photography Class

Being Mocked in Food Photography Class

Until today, I’m still feeling blessed as the part of Kelas Pagi Jakarta. Because, there are many lessons that being taught by our mentor, Anton Ismael. One of the materials is food photography. According to him, the aims for food photography are shape, texture, and colour. We must know how to style the food so that people interest to eat it. Furthermore, we must display the real colour and the detail texture for that food.

As I remember, we tried to shoot food in three days. In the first day, I brought my favourite dry food. That’s bread haha. I brought it then try to shoot on the rooftop. When Pa’e (Anton Ismael) asked us to show and collect the photographs. I confidently showed to him. He just said “just store in my laptop”.

Afterwards, he displayed all collected pictures through projector. I submitted three pictures and he said “Okay anybody, please look at this example. This is bad example”. He said firmly. I just felt punched by his statement hahaha. However, I never feel down for that kind of critic. I know it was hard being mocked in front of many student. Nevertheless as long as that’s for our improvement, I accepted it. Oh ya, he also said “you’re taking commercial specialization, right? It doesn’t look commercial enough. If it printed on green beans porridge menu on street side, that’s fine. But it’s not proper for high end restaurant” #JLEB hahahaha

(I’m still finding where those mocked pictures pictures are)

In the next days, I tried to shoot another stuff. I brought snack and shot it. My friends helped me in photoshoot. The hardest part in food photography is food styling, I think. I confused, where to put the food, which background I should use and many more. I got the picture which I didn’t confidently good. When I want to submit to Pa’e. I see there are chillies on the sack. I took photograph of it since there was good shadow and lighting for me. I submitted the chillies picture. This is the picture.

(And I will upload the chillies picture ASAP)

What do you think? I guess if you’re non-expert, you just said “hmmm not bad”. However Pa’e said “Who is the picture belong to? It’s so countrified (kampungan). Once again, it punched me hahaha. I just sat and calm down. I know food photography is hard.

Lastly, Pa’e asked us to create group then doing photoshoot together. In short, after getting much critic from Pa’e and help from my friend, there are my last result of food photography

I shot it alone in my house just using natural light. The title is “Makan Cabe Pake Nasi”

Not bad at all, right? I wish I always continue to force myself again and again to learn new skills 🙂
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