Festival Museum Organizer

Festival Museum Organizer

My phone was vibrated. There was chat from Muthia. She is my college mate, from Faculty of Law, UI. She is developing her own event management company. I was asked by her to contribute in this festival.

The festival celebrated museum anniversary and there was many competitions such as fashion show for elementary school kids, vocal group for junior high school students, short movie for senior high school student and funwalk for all ages. I was PIC for short movie competition.
Night at the museum
I prepared this festival for one month. I joined in the middle of preparation. I went to schools to publish our events and encouraging student to join the competitions. I invited the judges, prepared for cue card, and prepared many technical inquiries. I also was being Master of Ceremony (MC) on the stage when funwalk was being held.

What I really love from all of competitions is kids fashion show. They are super cute. Seeing them ashamed on the stage or confidence enough so tickled me. For short movie, there’s nothing special because honestly the movies who registered in this competition wasn’t as good as I expect. I don’t expect much, but ya the quality is not good.

Me as AACIM (Aku Anak Cinta Museum)

Whatever happened, I was happy being part of this festival. I got new friends, new experience working with part of government, having new experience as MC in front of hundred of people and many more. Thank you Muthia for giving me this kind of opportunity. See you at another project 🙂

Full team!!!

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