I am Happy Photographer

I am Happy Photographer

One of product in Lumos Production is event documentation. We often being hired as professional photographer or videographer by several companies. One of the last event is Seminar about Non-Communicable Diseases by Health Ministry.

Actually, there are a lot of event that we captured, but I just want to post this event due to client excitement. The event was held in Hotel Borobudur and there was also cultural night which has been held in Jimbaran Restaurant, Ancol.

I captured some pictures from seminar, outdoor activity and cultural night. One of the pleasure is getting conversation with doctors, nutritionists, scientist and other bright people. I didn’t just take photography but I made a friend with them.

These are several pictures:

In the last day, suddenly the officer and many participant asked me for pictures. Actually, in working contract, I would not send files in d-day, I will have time to do post processing. However, they really wanted to see the pictures. I just distributed through their flash disks.

There was one participant who come to me after seeing the pictures. I just asked them “How’s the pictures, ma’am? Do you have any constructive feedback?”. She just said as written below

That’s literally what she said. I didn’t feel out of happy or something. I just being happy because I can do what I love. And when we do something from our heart, the good result will come. I wish there will be more happy customers which served by Lumos Production 🙂

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