I’m on TV ;)

I’m on TV ;)

I guess, most of you know about Family 100, right? It’s television quiz which produces by Indosiar. My family and I registered for this quiz. For all of you who want to register, you just fill the form here. Initially our team members are 6 people. Nonetheless, one of us was disqualified due to her performance in audition stage. You don’t need to learn something when you’ll go to audition. Just prepare for your dance and don’t be ashamed. Because they don’t looking smart people, but they search fun people.

After having audition, we have been called to shoot in studio. We must standby there at 6 a.m. We must bring 3 alternative clothes. No white, no black, no red, no blue, no compact lines and many restricted clothes. It’s hard for me. But, I just bring the options and they chose the red one for me.

We have been touched by make up first. Then they explained us technical aspects, do’s and dont’s. We have practiced for blocking the stage before real shooting. I feel like Agnes Monica or other superstar when the big screen was opened and I was behind it hahahaha. Ya that was new experience for me.

We are waiting from the officer that will tell us the showing date. However the officer didn’t tell us. Someday, my friends shared my pictures in WhatsApp group. My show was played and I didn’t see it. I also searched in its official youtube channel. But it’s not being uploaded yet. When it uploaded in its youtube channel, I swear to post it through this blog. No worries.

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