Learn to Draw Using Charcoal

Learn to Draw Using Charcoal

After getting new knowledges about saltprint, food photography, then we have been taught by new skill. Drawing skill. Maybe you will ask, “You’re taking photography class right? Why do you need to learn drawing?”. Our mentor (Pa’e) explained to us that by drawing we practice to enhance our sensitivity on shadow and highlight. I always love learning new skills. As long as it’s fun and useful, I’ll try it (though it’s not as easy as I thought).

We were taught by Acil. He has studio in Radio Dalam. The studio is Jalan Kenangan. Ya, the name is literally Jalan Kenangan hehe. We went there for couple of days and he taught us two methods. First one is intersection method. Second one is fast drawing or something, I forget the exact name.

We drew then using charcoal, not pen, not pencil. It’s a bit hard because it’s easy to be dirty and it’s not easy to erase compared using pencil. There are some of my drawing experience using charcoal.

Finally, we held art exhibition for this charcoal. This is our first exhibition for KPJ batch 9 anyway. The theme is self portrait. So we need to draw ourselves using charcoals. These are exhibition circumstances and you can see my art 🙂

The circumstances 

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