Short Getaway to Bandung

Short Getaway to Bandung

A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to Bandung. We stayed in Licu’s house. Our main purposes were going to entrepreneurship event which held by Bank Indonesia and gave surprise to Licu’s mom.

Hamzah, Zainal, Ziyad and I headed to Bandung using Hamzah’s car. We arrived at Licu’s House around 1 or 2 a.m. The people already slept. Caused by zainal and ziyad who already know well with Licu’s family even security and maid, we can enter the home and we continue to sleep.

In the first day, we started the day by Karaoke in Licu’s house. She has it. Then started from afternoon, we went to Bank Indonesia Building in Bandung. Thank god we have great treatment. We also have been served by many meals. In the evening, we went to Paris Van Java to enjoy the night. It’s hard to describe, just pictures describe more.

When arrived at house, we prepared the room and some stuff. Then Licu played her role and voile her mom was getting shocked by our surprise. You can see the surprise party through these pictures 🙂

In the next days, we would back to Jakarta. We finished our last trip in Maja House. I just have heard about the name before but didn’t know what’s that? and how does it look like? We had lunch there but sorry to say the service was so long and the food not really delicious. We also capture some moments there and back to Jakarta.

Bandung is always good idea 😉

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