Special Things in Eid 1436H

Special Things in Eid 1436H

Eid is eid. It’s special for personally. However, I didn’t think that there are special things beside two things. The first one is Fashion in Eid Day. The second one is Eid Mubarak Greeting Card.

New clothes is just for boys/girls. I’m the one who isn’t excited to have new clothes for Eid Day. I know it should be new and nice one. However, the excitement is not as high as when I was a boy. Boys and girls in my home wore nice outfits. Therefore, I captured their look and emotion just using my iTouch.

(the pictures were gone because my iTouch was restored)


A couple days before Eid Day, I got new idea. Usually I designed greeting card for Eid then shared to my friends to messengers. For this year, I wanted to break the limit. I drew by myself using Adobe Illustrator. That was my first time entirely drawing. Usually, I just used photo then add vectors from Google, add text and done. For this card, everything came from my mind and visualized through my own hands.

I sent this card through post office, back to conservative way. So, there are friends who got earlier and there are other friend who got this lately. I just send these cards for special people. Honestly, I don’t want to limit my friendship, however I can’t share to all of my friends regarding time to handwriting and also the budget. I wish you happy getting this creative Eid Mubarak Card 🙂

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