This year I’m 24 years old. As we know, we’re getting older year by year. This year, I know that I won’t get birthday surprise from my office mates such as in previous years (23 years old & 22 years old). However I know I’ll get surprise from my friend who usually being surprised in each our birthday.

My birthday, June 27th 2015 was coming. I was celebrated by my friend through social media and also from my friends in Kelas Pagi Jakarta. Usually in kelas pagi, if there’s birthday boy/girl, he/she will get rude treatment such as tied on the steel fence in studio then they will pour him/her by flour, egg, dirty liquid, etc. Fortunately, due to ramadhan month or maybe my nice treatment to them hehe, I didn’t get that kind of rude treatment.

Someday, at June 28th as I remember, I made appointment with Dera (Marketing Lumos) to meet investor. We dealt to meet around 3 p.m. I texted her through LINE, yet she was doing her habit, being late. I was mad, because we dealt to meet investor. If she was late when she wanted to meet me, that’s fine. But at that time, we want to meet investor.

I wore shirt, prepared for stuffs, but she even didn’t answer my phone. I was angry with her through LINE. I just laid on sofa waiting for breaking the fast. I text her “Okay, I want to breaking the fast first, then we go to investor”.

My mood was drop, when I sat lazily, my neighbor poked me. There was Sandy in front of my home. His face is awkward. Initially, I guessed “what happened with him?”. He never go to my house before. I expected his motorcycle was broken nearby my house or whatever. However, I also taught, this kind of surprise. I pushed my head outside my home, but there’s nobody. Okay, what’s wrong with Sandy. He didn’t answered me clearly, then initially Dera, Dinda, Desi and Wafi shocked me and sang “Happy birthday to you…. happy birthday to you….” while bringing Kebab with candle above it.

The ones who shocked not only me, but also my family member. Even my mom said “I want to cry see that treatment” and my uncle said “I’m so touched”. Ya, I never get this kind of experience before. I felt like in drama serial. Anyway most of them live quite far from my house. Just sandy, who live nearby, in Tebet.

Surprise which come to my house, birthday gift, kebab cake, their existence were blessing for me. One of the best things I had in my life. Thank you so much for giving me this shocking experience. I was so speechless.


Another thing in another day but still related in my birthday. One day, I promised to join breaking the fast with my ex-office-mates. However, I couldn’t make it due to my late schedule for photoshoot. So, I did photoshoot in BSD, and it was finished around 6 p.m. When I wanted to go to place where my mates had dinner, they already wanted to back home. Then, I decided to back to my house. Nevertheless, my nice and close ex-cubicle-mate, Fidllan phoned me and asked me to have conversation before he would go to his hometown. Then, we met in Kota Kasablanka. We talked much at that time, because we weren’t talking like we used to be for quite long time. He gave me big box as birthday give. I guessed that’s shoe, however it’s funky moslem clothes. He literally know what I want hahaha

Thank you so much, Bro!

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