Artist in Pameran Mall, Jakarta Biennale 2015

Artist in Pameran Mall, Jakarta Biennale 2015

Creating an artwork is not as easy as you enjoy it. Absolutely. A few weeks ago, I was busy with my art exhibition titled by Pameran Mall. Actually it was art exhibition by Kelas Pagi Jakarta which displayed our point of view about Mall. All of Kelas Pagi Jakarta students should present our idea to our mentor, Anton Ismael. In fact, there are just 27 people who presented and displayed the artwork in this exhibition.

I got the idea to display about correlation between mall and our subconscious mind. Because, I think that mall is already stated in our subconscious mind. Whatever we want to do, mall is dominant option to choose.

In preparation, execution and displaying the artwork, I got many lesson learned:
1. Don’t too much think, do it. Because in the middle of execution, we usually face many unexpected problems.
2. Help people, then people will help you.
3. Be patient in every single detail
4. Listen to every constructive feedback
5. Don’t delay to do list. Use time wisely.

I face many problems in the art-making such as changing the display concept D-2 regarding that I didn’t find place to print photo in positive film, doodling and stick the drawing on photo in the 5 a.m, sleep just for one and half hours, knowing what lighting I should use at one night before exhibition and hard to find that lighting, so that I bought the Christmas lamp as alternative after opening the exhibition, installing the cable just by myself, and many more.

After facing many problems, finally I can display my artwork.

Preparation time as a person 

I cutted the holes manually, eventually I didn’t use it. Wasted effort 🙁

A few days before D-Day 

I want to say big thank to my KPJ friends who helped me a lot in this exhibition from brainstorming until displaying the art. There are many problems and obstacles which I can’t explain one by one. Pa’e (Anton Ismael) said that “Finally you feel how hard to prepare the art exhibition. It makes you ‘bleeding'”. Yes, I felt it. It was hard. However, when our artwork have displayed, my body felt so released. Thank you Pa’e and Kelas Pagi Jakarta who let me being an artist in this exhibition which is part of Jakarta Biennale. If in 2011, I was the visitor for Jakarta Biennale exhibition. This year, I participated as an artist. Though Pameran Mall is Jakarta Biennale KW4, Pa’e said.

in 2013 I came as the visitors

in 2015, as the artist 😀

I also would deliver special thank to Zainal, Laily, Yudha, Dera, Desi & Sandy who spent time to enjoy the exhibition. Then my friends who stated as Co-Producers who donate supporting our exhibition. Uber thanks 🙂

Exhibition circumstances 
Pa’e opened the exhibition

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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