As Speaker in Filmmaking Workshop

As Speaker in Filmmaking Workshop

I guess sharing is one of my passion. Through this blog, social media and directly talking to friends, I always share whatever that excites me. A few months ago, I was contacted by one of STID M. Natsir member to share about documentary film workshop. There is no reason to ignore this invitation. Excitedly, I accepted his offering and prepare the material for workshop.

Though, I don’t think myself as professional filmmaker yet, I tried to share what I know from my previous experience in producing short movie with Sinematografi UI fellas and video clip with my mentor, Upie Guava. I wish the aim of this event was achieved. They would to have capability in filmmaking as one of “dakwah” medium. Good luck and see you in other interesting sessions 😀

P.s: They gave me the certificate as appreciation and also the file folder. When I already backed, I opened the folder, there is envelope. And there is money there. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t expect for this thing. Beside this is my first time for filmmaking workshop and I know this seminar is free for the student, I mean there is no charge as I know. I really thank to them. It’s not about the value of money, but they appreciate me for the knowledge transfer.

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