Davy Linggar and Nizar

Davy Linggar and Nizar

One of my KPJ mates posted the e-poster in group. There was a photography workshop by Leica users. One of them is Davy Linggar. I came to the venue in order to broaden my perspective and I just needed refreshment. Arrived in Plaza Indonesia, there were Coky, Bimo and Tandika who were speaking with Davy Linggar. Initially I was wondering, “who is he?”. Because I didn’t really know exactly face of Davy Linggar. However, as I remember, I have watched interview video of him through Youtube.

We had conversation for around 15-30 minutes. Some points which I remembered:
1. He has been using many camera brands, from Nikon, Sony, Leica, etc.
2. Every skill takes time. Because he already as photographer for 20 years ago.
3. Archive our file as soon as possible. Because when you are getting more files, it takes more time and budget for archiving the files.
4. He says there is camera that just fit for professional working, but it’s not fit for personal project or personal use. Beside the specification, use your feeling to choose camera. There should be engagement between you and your camera.
5. He put his personal works in the middle of professional works.

Overall, he is very humble and nice photographer. He is so charismatic as well. I wish I can be photographer as great as him or even better than him, but still using my photography style hehe.

Why does my pose look like his bodyguard haha

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