Highlight of 2015

Highlight of 2015

2015 was ‘trial and error’ year for me. I tried many things and got lesson learned from them. Here are some memorable points which happened in 2015.

* Quit from engineering job. Totally being entrepreneur and self employee

* Took TOEFL IBT test and I got 82 score.

* Lumos Production was being sponsor in several events such as Balada Kopaja Abang None Jakarta Pusat and several high school events.

* Lumos Production’s team is getting bigger. Dera as Chief Marketing Officer. We have our own designer, 1 photographer, 1 videographer, 3 account executive and many freelancers.

* I founded new business in event organizing with Dera and Dinda. It called K Organizer, your partner in happiness 🙂

* Learning about real videography industry in Guava Production. I worked as assistant producer and mostly producing video clip.

* My idea was being accepted by director for producting NOAH’s video clip.

* Being student in Kelas Pagi Jakarta. There are many opened opportunity there.

* As freelancer in organizing Festival Museum Indonesia. I was hired for about one month in preparing the events

* Being an artist in 3 exhibitions; charcoal, salt print and pameran Mall

* Freelance as guide of international golf competition in Jakarta. I guided some Indians.

* I was on TV Screen, as quiz participant in New Family 100, indosiar.

* First time having photoshoot with professional model

* First time as a speaker and getting paid for it

* As contributor in LINKERS, in-house magazine of Citilink. I contribute as photographer and writer.

* Lumos Production got 1st investor and we have office right now. Yeay!!!

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